FiLMiC Pro Exclusive video effects app

The App Store has been inundated with photo and video-related apps over the past couple of years, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given the significant advances that have been made with regards to smartphone camera tech. But it’s a fair assessment to make that a large portion of said apps seem to wallow in the pool of mediocrity, and only every now and then do we catch a real gem. Snapseed was a prime example of an image editor with a truly professional edge, and now, the app widely regarded as the best in show for videographers has just gone free!

FiLMiC Pro is much more than just your run-of-the-mill video effects app. In fact, those behind the creation claim that it beat off the likes of the Sony FS100 – worth a cool $5,000 – in blind audience tests, and with that kind of billing, you’re probably eager to see whether there’s any substance to the claims.

Free iPhone apps

In fact, there is. As well as the clips below that illustrate just how darned good this app is, the repertoire of features available is very impressive indeed. You get real time, 4x zoom, a multitude of output frame rate options, audio monitoring and stereo recording support.

Photo Apr 28, 10 58 59 PM

There’s a neat Event Mode, helping you to record and arrange your video meticulously, and variable bitrate options and multiple upload / sharing options, it provides everything you could need as a rookie director,

Photo Apr 28, 10 59 04 PM

FiLMiC Pro for iPhone and iPad will usually set you back five bucks, which, in itself is a bit of a bargain. But the fact that it is now free of charge renders this a must-download, and even if you don’t plan on capturing any movies of your own in the near future, it would still make sense to grab it now – while it’s free – and have it saved in your iTunes account for safe-keeping.

Photo Apr 28, 10 59 08 PM

Anyway, check out the clips below, which showcase just why FiLMiC Pro is considered among the strongest video-editing apps around, and be sure to leave your comments via the usual channels.

(Download: FiLMiC Pro for iOS on the App Store)

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Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2 Untethered On iPhone 5, 4S, iPod touch And All Other Devices Using Evasi0nl] [Tutoria

Apple quickly released the iOS 6.1.2 update today to address a few lingering bugs in the OS, but luckily, the jailbreak wasn’t patched. However, the Evad3rs team worked around the clock to update the Evasi0n desktop tools and we are now glad to say that iOS 6.1.2 can be jailbroken fully untethered using the latest version of Evasi0n, which is v1.4.


All iOS devices that are able to run iOS 6.0 through 6.1.2 are supported, including the 5th-gen iPhone. The only exception is the recently released Apple TV 3, which cannot be jailbroken at the moment.


While jailbreaking generally does not cause any harm to your device or the installed software, it is always prudent to back up your device using iTunes or iCloud before proceeding.

Instructions for jailbreaking your device using Evasi0n are exactly same as before. If you have used Evasi0n to jailbreak iOS 6 or jailbreak iOS 6.1 in the recent past, then jailbreaking 6.1.2 shouldn’t be a problem.

Step by step instructions are as follows.

How-to Jailbreak iOS 6.1.2:

Step 1: Update your device to iOS 6.1.2 using iTunes (download iOS 6.1.2 from here): if you are jailbreaking your device, why not update it to the latest version of iOS? OTA updates might mess with the jailbreak, therefore a fresh restore via iTunes is strongly recommended.


Step 2: Turn off Passcode Lock in case you have it enabled. In order to do this, simply head on over to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Off.

Step 3: Download Evasi0n 1.4, which adds the support for 6.1.2 [for WindowsMac or Linux]


Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 23.09.22

Step 4: Start up Evasi0n on your computer and simply click on the “Jailbreak” option. Kick back or grab a cup of coffee as Evasi0n does its work and jailbreaks your device. Remember not to touch anything while your device is being jailbroken.


Step 5: Once this is done, your device should boot straight back. You will see a new Jailbreak icon on your home screen. Tap on it in order to finish the process.

Step 6: Your device will now reboot quite a few times for a short while, before it boots into the jailbroken state. Once this is finally done, your device should boot back in a jailbroken state.

You are done: if everything has gone as expected, Evasi0n should indicate that the jailbreak is complete. Cydia should now also be on your home screen.

If you are having any issues, you can check out our video tutorial below on how to jailbreak iOS 6.x untethered using Evasi0n: iPhone App Is Perfect For Counting Down Everything You Do

It’s absolutely true that there is an app for just about everything on the App Store. If you want to take notes, there’s more than enough choice out there. It’s the same if you want a particular genre of game, too. There’s one type of app we’ve not really come across before, though, and it goes by the way of

So, what does it do? Well, it counts. That name makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it?


Priced at just less than a dollar, lets users keep track of absolutely anything. Want to count how many times you’ve had a coffee today? Need to know how many phone calls you’ve answered during your day? will let you track anything, anything at all.

It goes a step beyond counting though. Once you’ve counted everything to your heart’s content, can create graphs based on the data you have collated and, should you so desire, share everything across various social networks. What’s an app these days if it can’t share to Facebook?

Kountly iOS

As far as aesthetics go, we have to say that is one of the best looking apps we’ve come across of late. It has a clean, clear look that takes nothing away from the data it is collecting and makes something that could be a little bland a joy to use.

Of course, the real problem with is that it’s not really that useful. If you’ve really got to keep count of something and can’t do it in your head, then will do the trick. Thing is, how often is that really going to crop up? Still, at just $0.99, you can’t really complain at the asking price. Unless you want it to be free, that is.

Kountly iOS 2

Unfortunately, the reviews on the App Store are not too encouraging. Apparently users are finding the app less than intuitive and a couple of basic design flaws appear to be holding back. These issues may be fixed in future updates, so whether the potential issues are enough to put you off will be a decision only you can make.

After all, it’s only a dollar.

Kountly iOS 3

(Source: for iPhone on App Store)


Need for speed For IOS

If mobile gaming happens to be your thing and iOS or Android is your mobile operating system of choice then be prepared to be blown away at some point this month as we gear ourselves for the release of the latest title in the Need For Speed franchise. The official Need For Speed Twitter account has pointed us in the direction of a YouTube trailer from EAMobileGames that treats us to twenty-four seconds of a simply breathtaking example of mobile gaming at its finest.

Need For Speed Most Wanted is the latest stunning game to come from Firemonkeys studios and is being distributed by EA Mobile onto the iOS App Store and Google Play Store at some point during October. When watching the video of the actual gameplay; it’s actually difficult to imagine that we will be talking our iPhones or Galaxy S IIIs out of our pockets toactually play this stunner. The development team have pedigree when it comes to making mobile car-racing games, and that expertise clearly shines in this game.

Need for speed most wanted ios android

Need For Speed Most Wanted will feature a new physics-based collisions engine that makes impacts and crashes in the game seem unbelievably real, as well as producing very realistic visual damage to any vehicle that has been involved in an altercation or collided with any aspect of the gaming environment. The excitement and adrenaline level of mobile gaming has also been raised with the inclusion of exciting police takedown scenes and having the ability to control real-world vehicles throughout the game.

Need for Speed most wanted screenshot

Gamers can expect to get behind the wheel of the powerful Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, the Porsche 911 Carrera S or even a gorgeous Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale as Firemonkeys have worked hard to bring a realistic gaming experience to the palms of our hands. The realism doesn’t end with the vehicles, and one of the most appealing aspects of the game that is shown in the quick trailer is the immediate reaction that the vehicles have to the environment and other cars on the track. Damage appears to occur instantly upon collision with bumpers hanging off and sparks flying as cars overturn and hit the walls.

Crazy Taxi for IOS releases

Although nobody was necessarily anticipating it, SEGA America made a pretty significant revelation in the gaming world recently by announcing Crazy Taxi for iOS, and, honoring its word of an October release, has just pushed the classic title through to Apple’s App Store.

The arcade, open-world favorite enjoyed the vast majority of its success on SEGA’s own Dreamcast console in the early 2000′s, and although the Japanese gaming giant no longer delivers a flagship console, it has been consistently injecting life into its older titles by beautifully adapting them for the mobile market.

Crazy Taxi iOS

While Nintendo has outright refused to bring the likes of Super Mario to iOS, Android and Windows Phone (a move which would appease many a nostalgic gamer), SEGA has already brought dozens of titles through, most of which have been roundly acclaimed by critics and consumers alike.


Crazy Taxi probably doesn’t have quite the following of Sonic The Hedgehog, but in its day, was every bit as fun, and SEGA will be hoping to appeal to those people once more. It’s a port of the old version, so expect those familiar guitar riffs taken from The Offspring‘s “Ixnay on the Hombre” album, as well as your favorite drivers in Axel and the charismatic B.D Joe.


If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can download it right now for the reasonable price of $5.49 from the Australian App Store, and even if you’ve never played the game before, I highly recommend you check it out.


Often, a mobile title can be let down by the lack of consideration of the touch-based environment, but everything runs seamlessly and fluidly, so if you don’t manage to deliver you customer to their destination on time, it’s down to your driving! We’ve warned you already.

Download it, give it a whirl, and let us know if you think SEGA has kept the Crazy Taxi magicintact by dropping us a comment on our Facebook page.

Keep in mind that the game is available from the Australian App Store for now, it will be available worldwide in the hours to come, so hang in there tight!

(Source: Crazy Taxi for iOS on App Store

First Aid App For Android Is The Perfect Life Saver In Those Life Threatening Situations

A new app, available on the Google Play Store, aims to help take some of the fear away from offering first aid when needed. What’s better than helping people using the power of your smartphone? Helping them with an app that’s absolutely free!

We all hope we never need it, but few of us actually have the proper training to deal with a first aid situation. If you’re lucky, then you know exactly what to do in any given situation. If you’re like 90% of the population, then the chances are that you’ve absolutely no idea.

If you have an Android phone to hand though, you may now be of more use than you would think.

First Aid

First Aid splasher

A free app, the unimaginatively named First Aid app aims to give us n00bs a few pointers in the health department, should the need arise. By using text, illustrations and the odd video, First Aid aims to demystify the things that we all know we should probably know inside and out, but probably never bothered to learn.

Our favorite part of First Aid, and one that will possibly be the most useful should you have no first aid training, is where the app tells you about popular first aid myths. Often thinking you know how to help and then doing something wrong is worse than just not knowing at all, and dispelling myths could really come in useful.


Other options include an area where you can give the app some emergency phone numbers which can be dialled right from inside the app, and a tips area where the app shows how to perform basic steps when needed.

It is important to remember that First Aid is never going to be a replacement for a proper first aid course with the professionals, but if you really have no idea and need a hand in a pinch, then First Aid for Android may be worth the time to download. At free, it is certainly worth the money, even if you never use it.

And let’s hope you never do!

unnamed 2

Download First Aid for Android [Google Play link]

Voice Answer Is a Siri-Like App For All iOS Devices, Answers All Your Day-To-Day Questions Using Voice And Text

As has been pointed out on a number of occasions, Siri, Apple’s system-wide voice recognition software introduced with the iPhone 4S was, by no means, the first delve into such technology. Nevertheless, although there will always be skeptics, it cannot be denied that Apple has certainly brought the technology to the center of public interest, and predictably, there are a bunch of third-party apps purporting to offer similar services.

While voice answer isn’t another Siri copycat, it is strikingly similar, and unlike Apple’s offering, it isn’t just reserved for those owning the Cupertino company’s latest and greatest smartphone. Indeed, while Siri does have its imperfections, implementation across the board of iOS 5 devices would have gone down a lot better with the growing legion of iOS-wielding consumers, but I digress.

Voice Answer


Voice Answer will try its best to answer all of your burning, strange, ridiculous questions, and if you’re not feeling too chatty, you can also type them out – which is extremely useful. Siri doesn’t allow text to be written down, and often, by the third attempt of Siri mishearing what you’ve said slowly and coherently in an almost patronizing manner, it would probably have been quicker to use the on-screen keyboard.


Voice Answer’s recognition of speech is a little rough around the edges, although if you’ve had any firsthand experience with Siri or a similar app, you’ll know that the technology has yet to be refined. Voice Answer boasts integration with Wolfram Alpha, and in some instances, additional information such as images will supplement your answer.


Voice Answer will set you back a cent shy of four bucks over at the App Store, which is quite high – especially considering many feel underhanded by the lack of Siri by default. Nevertheless, the Wolfram Alpha feature – along with the ability to type questions in manually – renders Voice Answer a worthwhile purchase as a Siri-like alternative. Download it from the link below, and let us know if you believe it holds a candle to Siri by leaving a comment on our Facebook or Google+ pages.


Download Voice Answer iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [iTunes link]

Free Iphone from Survey what an idea

Do you want iPhone 5 for free? Many of us are certainly interested in this model, because the Apple-branded phones have always had just a huge popularity. Generally, iPhone – is a quad line of multimedia smart phones, developed by the Apple Corporation. Smart phones combine the functionality of the iPod, the communicator and the internet tablet. It is running the operating system of Apple iOS, which is simplified and optimized for operation on the mobile device version of Mac OS X.

Apple iPhone 5 – is upgraded version of its predecessor, the iPhone 4. The novelty will delight by its original dimensions – the model is so flat, that it’s hard to believe it. The same large touch screen, the same simple and intuitive interface and all the same single button are there. This model is black with very fine metal edging around the perimeter of the housing.

Its specifications are encouraging. The model is equipped with two cameras for the video calls; 8 megapixel cameras allow you to shoot movies in a high quality. Also 3D camera technology is used. Finished shooting can mounted directly on the device. The question about multitasking is closed, because now you can run multiple applications, even different developers. All the changes include: a new vibrator, speaker placement, protection of the cable, the cable goes to the board under the battery, the board have different connectors in other places, more screws secure the card, headphone jack, the other protection for the front camera, cable docking connector and the other frame for the glass.

Generally, this device has such properties as: memory 16/32/64 GB, 4 inch Retina Display, 2x faster CPU speed and 9x faster graphics speed, 4G (HSPA + & LTE) and NFC (Near Field Communication). So, try to do everything possible for this new product becomes yours.

Instagram, the photo sharing and manipulation app topper

Apple has just published the yearly top of the most popular music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and apps. At a first glance over the list with the most downloaded apps we notice Angry Birds taking almost every trophy available. Rovio’s beloved game, managed to rank highest in the lists of top paid iPhone apps as well as top paid and free iPad apps. Facebook won the top position in the free iPhone apps list.

On the other hand, Instagram, the photo sharing and manipulation app was declared “the iPhone app of the year”. this free app allows users to apply filters with a retro style. Another feature appealing to the users is the option of sharing pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks. According Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s CEO Chief Executive, this app already reached to 14 – 15 million users. Kevin Systrom also suggested at the LeWeb conference in Paris that an Android version of Instagram is in the works and it will be released soon.

instagram iphone

When explaining the company strategy related to Instagram development, Kevin Systrom pointed out that membership will be important. This will only be part of the company’s revenue, the other part will come from advertisement. Brands like Audi, Kate Spade, and Burberry joined Instagram in hope of exploiting new marketing tools to reach to the consumers. “They’re sharing pictures of products and the message of their brands. That shows we’re at the beginning of what will come with brands,” explained Systrom.

Apple used its privilege to choose its favorite apps from iTunes in different categories and declared Tiny Tower as the preferred game for iPhone. In the iPad category, Apple’s selections were another photo app, Snapseed, as the “iPad App of the Year” and Dead Space as “iPad Game of the Year.”

Send large files from Iphone Kicksend

Kicksend tries to emerge itself into the fabulous mobile world. So, it has jus released an app, to give users a quick, painless way to share files online. All you need to do is follow three simple steps. Open the application, then add your email address and drop the file you want to send. The files can be sent to any email address and the recipient doesn’t necessarily has to have a Kicksend account. Users can send files to more than one person, by clicking on the add button, before sending the actual file.

The big improvement this app brings is the fact that it lets you send bigger files as well as batches of files. If you have received some files, Kicksend will automatically download them as they arrive in your inbox and will sort them for you. And because everything today, incorporates a social media aspect, the user can comment or have a conversation about a certain file (or not) through the application.

Kicksend is a company that was founded in March of 2011 by Pradeep Elankumaran and Brendan Lim. The app has been reportedly receiving good feedback. It’s not the first application to offer file storage, but it’s a convenient way to do so and incorporates a lot of neat features. The downside, many users feel, is linked to the fact that even though the subscription isn’t expensive, most users won’t be in need of the full set of feats everyday. So, before you decide to go with it, maybe you should research other options as well.

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