Fast car insurance quote

Fast Car Insurance Quote

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fast car insurance

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5 Steps to Starting Your First Website

5 Steps to Starting Your First Website
Starting your first website couldn’t be easier. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you follow these five simple steps you can have your own website up and running in no time.
Pick a Domain Name
The very first thing you should do when starting your website is to get a domain name. Take some time to think about what you want to call your website and check to see whether or not that name is already in use.
You can use services like GoDaddy to check if it’s available and register your domain. You will need to pay for the right to use this name, which can cost about $8 to $35 a year.
Choose a Web Host
Once you have a domain name you will need to find a web host. This is a company which will allow users to connect to your website at any time. There are lots of different packages on offer which vary in price, so pick one that will suit your needs.
Our friends at F1WebChallenge review the most popular hosting services and you can see their review of two of our favorite hosting services here:

Build Your Website
Now that you have a place for your website, you need to start building it. You should decide what kind of things need to be included in your website, as well as what you want the layout to be like.
There are lots of templates you can use if you are not very tech savvy, some of which are actually pretty cheap. You should try and become familiar with some of the basics of design such as HTML, CSS and web page editors. Do your research to get the best out of your website and give you more control over its appearance.
Publish It
Once you have the basic layout of your website you can actually start filling it with content. Add relevant pages to your website, including the basics like about pages and contact details. Think about search engine optimization, or SEO, while you build your content to help it rank in the search engines.
You should always test your website to make sure everything works the way it should. All the links should open up the relevant pages and the information should be complete on each page. You don’t want to go live with a sloppy website with broken links and half finished pages.
Promote Your Website
Once your website is up and running you can start to promote it to attract visitors. If you have been thinking about SEO throughout the building of your website then it should already be getting you better results in the search engines.
You should also use social media sites to help promote your website and get the word out. Furthermore, you can use advertising, email and word of mouth. Make sure you continue to develop your website and promote it to keep attracting visitors.

Plantronics CS540 Heaset Reiew

Plantronics is launching a new CS 500 series and new upcoming Plantronics CS540 wireless headset system will be launched soon by Plantronics which will be a high quality headset. The new Plantronics CS540 wireless headset system will be a very good improvement and addition to the Plantronics CS series. The Plantronics CS540 wireless headset system has different shape and style with beautiful colors and finishing. With improved base or stand, the Plantronics CS540 wireless headset system is also improvised in quality, standard, look, class and usability. Very light weight and sleek touch adds complete convenience to the headset. The range of the Plantronics CS540 wireless headset system is also increased to 350 feet while all the other previous Plantronics headsets normally had the range equals to 300 feet. The additional feature added in the Plantronics CS540 wireless headset system is power saving feature which provides the uninterrupted communication with the supply of delegate power as required with the range of the headset, if you are talking away from you desk.

Key Features:

– Wireless freedom allowing multitasking to the user.

– Enhanced wireless range up to 350 to provide more space to the users to move around.

– Volume controls, mute and answering/rejecting call buttons.

– Power system optimization for talk time and range.

– DECT 1.9 GHz voice dedicated technology to decrease the Wi-Fi signal interruption and handling other wireless devices.

– Distortion free communication with CAT-IQ Technology.

– Multi-band mode i.e. narrowband to increase talk time of the headset by saving battery and wideband mode to have more clear conversation.

– Like all other Plantronics headset, high quality noise cancelling microphone.

– Conference calling up to 3 people using other SAVI headsets or CS540.

– Up to 7 hours talk time with 3 hours complete charging time.

– Available in over the head and over the ear wearing style.

Free PDF converter

PrimoPDF is a desktop version of freeware PDF Creator, which can be downloaded and installed for free. But for users who just need to create a PDF document occasionally, probably just for one time usage, then it makes no sense to spend additional time to download the setup installer and then install the program for using it a couple of times.

PrimoPDF comes out with a free online PDF converter, generator and creator that automatically convert a file or document that’s been uploaded to Adobe Acrobat PDF format. After the converted PDF document is generated and created, it will be sent via email to the user (uploader). And, voila, the original document in non-PDF format has now been converted to PDF, and best of all, it’s sitting in your mailbox directly, which you can immediately forward to others.

Convert to PDF format at

Only certain origin file formats or file types are accepted and can be converted. For example, 123, bmp, cgm, csv, dbf, dif, doc, dot, dxf, emf, eps, gif, hwp, jpeg, jpg, jtd, jtt, met, mml, odb, odf, odg, odm, odp, ods, odt, otg, oth, otp, ots, ott, pbm, pcd, pct, png, ppm, pps, ppt, psd, pts, ptt, ras, rtf, sda, sdc, sdd, sdp, sdw, sgf, sgl, sgv, slk, smf, stc, std, sti, stw, svm, sxc, sxd, sxg, sxi, sxm, sxt, sxw, tga, tif, tiff, txt, vor, vor, wb2, wk1, wks, wmf, wpd, wps, xbm, xls, xlt, xlw, xml and xpm

HTC One Hands-on Photos And First Impressions

Today, I headed over to the official launch of the HTC One down in London’s Oxford Street, and got a hands-on look at the Taiwanese company’s latest and greatest smartphone device. There’s no debating that, on paper, the device is a monster, but what’s it like to hold? Is the build quality up to scratch? And does the “Boom” factor in the speaker or the “UltraPixel” element of the camera make any notable difference, or is it marketing jargon? I’ll be answering all of these questions, and offering my initial reaction to the device after the break.

There’s no doubt that HTC has a lot riding on the One. Both of its previous flagships – the One X and One X+ – enjoyed a reasonable amount of success, but failed to really threaten the dominance of Samsung and its Galaxy Series. The company needs to make a real statement with the One, and having spent a good half an hour with the new handset, I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised by how good it really is.

HTC One 1

When you first pick the device up in your hand, you’ll instantly realize that it’s unlike any handset HTC has ever delivered. Not only is it light enough to be squirrelled away into the pocket, but the build quality is superb. Android smartphones have built something of a reputation for mediocre build quality finished with cheap, plastic fascia. Not the HTC One. When you hold it, you feel like you’ve a decent bit of kit in your hand, and the Gorilla Glass II protecting the display is nicely complimented by the aluminum unibody. It feels solid, and looks gorgeous.

The display is as crisp as you would expect from a high-end smartphone. You have to hold the device a matter of centimeters away to notice any pixels whatsoever, and Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 laced with HTC’s very own Sense 5 are both nicely accentuated by the 1080p resolution on offer.

HTC One 3

In the announcement, the company talked of “HTC Boom” – a new method of arranging the improved speaker system to deliver the highest-level of sound quality. While I personally don’t care much for Beats Audio, the quality of sound pumped out by the HTC One is quite unlike anything I have ever heard from a smartphone. Most devices – even the Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 – deliver an average, somewhat tinny audible experience, but the HTC One sounds fantastic. It’s something you most certainly must hear to fully appreciate, but if you’re massively into your audio and looking for a device that appeals to you, this is the one you’ll certainly want to consider.

HTC One 4

As you can see from the shots taken, well-lit areas weren’t abundant in what was a very busy launch event. Thus, it’s hard to make a full and balanced assessment of the snapper. From what I saw, I was moderately impressed, but having secretly applauded HTC for blowing the “megapixel myth” wide open in the build-up, I was perhaps expecting a little bit more. For me, the Lumia 920 still has the best camera, but the HTC One’s is easily on par with the iPhone 5.

HTC One 5

Had a little play around with some of the apps, and everything responded smoothly and without lag. That quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor running at 1.7GHz and 2GB of RAM certainly aren’t sitting idly, and having run a few apps, including Play Store, Chrome, Twitter and Facebook, I cannot fault the operation of the device. Of course, it’s early days, and the only way to test a handset is to download 50+ apps of varying intensities, and see how it holds up with those. Still, after thirty or so minutes, the HTC One excelled.

HTC One 2

All in all, I think HTC has lived up to its hyping of the event in launching a very, very impressive smartphone. It looks and feels better than any of its previous releases, performs to a very high standard, and having been frustrated by past HTC devices with so much promise but glaring shortcomings, I think the company has finally nailed it.

HTC One 6

HTC One 7

Should Samsung be running scared? Well, HTC will have to gain quite a bit more traction – particularly with the buzz surrounding next month’s purported Galaxy S IV launch. Still, Samsung is unlikely to top the HTC One in terms of specs, and if the Korean company fails to impress with the fourth Galaxy release, HTC has today proved it is ready to pounce.

That’s my take, but what about you guys? Has the HTC One caught your attention? Please do share your thoughts via the usual mediums below.

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Released iOS 6.1.1 update for the iPhone 4S

Not too long ago, Apple released iOS 6.1 to the public, yet this one was plagued with issues ranging from a lock screen exploit to numerous connectivity problems affecting Microsoft Exchange users. While the recently released iOS 6.1.1 update for the iPhone 4S, which Apple rushed quickly, addressed the critical connectivity issue which stopped many business users from upgrading, this new 6.1.2 release fixes many other small problems that were still left.

iOS 6.1 included quite a few additions and small changes when compared to the original release of iOS 6 in order to address customer feedback and make slight improvements to the overall user experience. Among these changes, a slightly updated Music app was introduced featuring new, more polished controls, LTE “4G” support in more European, African, Asian and American countries, improvements to Siri and small changes to the initial setup wizard. This release was followed weeks later by iOS 6.1.1 for iPhone 4S, which addressed a critical flaw in network connectivity.


However, a critical exploit was quickly found which allowed unintended users to get past the passcode protected lock screen of any iPhone by spending a few seconds meddling with the Emergency Call feature. While this is not easy to perform by accident, this vulnerability could place an unsuspected user’s contacts at the hands of an unintended user. This bug has been reportedly addressed with iOS 6.1.2, hopefully before major pranks were played all across the world involving unsuspecting contacts stored on a victim’s phone.

Other than that, the Exchange bug has also been addressed with the release of iOS 6.1.2. Here’s what the official change log says:

Fixes an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity and reduced battery life.

iOS 612 update

Given all of the issues affecting iOS 6.1 and 6.1.1, you are encouraged to update your device as soon as possible, either over the air (OTA) straight from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, or through iTunes. Keep in mind that if you’re jailbroken, stay away from this update until further notice, as it is not confirmed whether Apple has patched the Evasi0n jailbreak in this release. Alternatively, we have placed the direct links to the download files for your convenience. Simply select the correct ISPSW file for your device:

Firefox 19 Released, Get Downloading Now!

Mozilla has just released Firefox 19 for users of the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and among a plethora of new features comes an in-built PDF viewer. Since increasing its release schedule, Mozilla has stuck almost religiously to its six-week cycles, and although it’s rare – in software terms – to see a whole number update pertaining to only a few minor changes, it helps Mozilla keep up with Google’s rampant Chrome browser.

As well as the PDF viewer, which was perhaps long overdue given its presence in the majority of other Web-surfing clients, Firefox 19 brings startup performance improvements at user level. If you’re a developer, there are several significant alterations: the Remote Web Console is available for connecting to Firefox on Android or Firefox OS, for example. The Firefox OS reflects the mobile iterations of Ubuntu in that a predominantly desktop-based company is hitting the smartphone scene, and from what we’ve seen and heard so far, it looks promising indeed, so if you wish to attune yourself with Firefox OS at this early stage, you’ll want this new Firefox update.


There are a bunch of bug fixes also included in this release, such as the issue where starting Firefox with -private flag was wrongly claiming the user was not in Private Browsing mode.

At this point in time, the new version is live on the official Firefox site. However, if you’re on an older version of Firefox, 18 for example, then you should get the update over the air, in the background, and you’ll be up to speed in a matter of minutes.

Screenshot (42)

If you don’t see the update yet, then don’t panic, Firefox 19 will appear on the official site over at once it has propagated worldwide, and if you prefer, you’ll be able to update using the in-app update feature, as mentioned earlier.

After playing around with the final build for a while, we have to say that Mozilla is definitely making a lot of improvements as time is progressing. We’re expecting bigger and stronger features to make their debut in the upcoming versions of Firefox.

Apart from the desktop version of Firefox, the Android version has also been updated, and now supports themes and the processor requirement has been lowered from 800 to 600MHz. The update can be grabbed from the Play Store.

5 Alternatives to

5 Alternatives to BuySellAds


CrankyAds is one of the cool alternatives to buysellads with bundle of features. You can read my earlier CrankyAds review here. Ads are managed through a plugin and ad management is quite easy and having lots of useful options.

Cranky Ads

Register for CrankyAds

Publicity Clerks

Publicity Clerks is not a popular player in the market as they are relatively new- just started in 2012, but I found their procedure and support is professional. Believe they will be a strong competitor in BuySellAds alternative in near future. Here I am not going into details as well, as you can read Publicity Clerks Review details from one of my earlier post.

Publicity Clerks

Register for Publicity Clerks


  • The oldest Ad Network with PageRank 7 and Alexa Rank below 30,000.
  • Accepts site with 30,000 monthly impressions. If you have fewer traffic you can still give a try for a luck. :)
  • Earnins depend on several factors like blog traffic, topic, ad placement & others.
  • Can run Google Adsense or other ads until you the specific ad space has been sold.


  • AdSella takes only 20% and you will receive balance 80% amount from advertisements.
  • Four Ad Sizes are available.
  • Tracks clicks and impressions.
  • Send money every sunday for the previous week’s sale.

Register for Adsella


  • Ad Pool Technology which allows to display up to 40 ads in a rotation for a specific time.
  • Offer 5 payment methods: Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer, EPassporte, Western Union.
  • Payment is made on the 15th of each month.
  • They do not require high traffic, accept sites if you have a satisfactory amount of traffic and Alexa rank.


Register for AdEngage

Are you using BuySellAds or any other site from above? You might have some more alternatives to BuySellAds which you have come out through. Share your experience and valuable opinion with TTB readers.

Free Skype for a Month Marry Christmas

Coming is the holiday season and so why not take some time to talk to your relatives and friends who’re staying far away from you? I know what you’re thinking? Worried about the phone bills for international calls! Right? Don’t worry! Skype has got an awesome offer just for you.

Don’t Miss

You can now make free international calls from Skype to mobiles and landlines for a month. In addition to the voice calls, you can also dial video calls during the same period of the offer.

To claim this offer, simply use this promotional link to sign-in to your Skype account and then enter your credit card or PayPal information (no charges will be levied). Once activated, you can cancel the recurring subscription immediately and the premium service that gives you free international calling will continue to work for the next 30 days.

Deal joy embedded Facebook page for business

One iota, a Lancashire England based technology company has launched a Facebook deals platform called DealsJoy.

DealsJoy can be embedded into any business’ Facebook page, allowing them to take advantage of the growing market and demand for daily deals and exclusive offers.

DealsJoy is free for the businesses to use, and while it doesn’t come with direct email service like Groupon and other daily deal giants, it does get integrated and promoted using the world’s biggest social media platform, so that’s not too shabby. The program aims to gain and retain new customers for businesses, and allows them to keep all the revenue generated from the sales.

In an attempt to combat deals fatigue by avoiding the barrage of unwanted deals sent to inboxes, DealsJoy allows businesses to run deals, and customers who are already fans or have heard of the business, to redeem those deals; while keeping it profitable for the merchant. DealsJoy puts total promotional control into the hands of the merchant, letting them control pricing, timing and other deal specifics.

For the customers, deal redemption is easy and can be done at the merchant location with their unique email code or on their mobile phone. Customers are encouraged to share their purchase with Facebook friends and through other viral channels to increase merchant awareness and awareness of the DealJoy service.

“We know that shoppers are hungry for money-saving deals, while businesses are looking at ways of driving customers in-store and generating revenue from their Facebook Fans. DealsJoy™ can support this demand. It gives business owners a free tool to promote and manage deals through Facebook, while keeping all of the revenue generated. We hope this will give businesses in the UK and beyond a much needed boost in the current economic environment.” – Damian Hanson, CEO and co-founder of One iota

See the DealsJoy app in action here:

Find out more about the DealsJoy service at or take a peek at its Twitter account: @dealsjoy.

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