Is Computer Literacy Important to Gain a Job?
When manufacturers made the computers available for public use, these machines showed how useful and effective they can be in different fields of life. One primary example in this regard is of corporations and businesses, which were able to finish their long and tiring work in few minutes with the help of computers. Thanks to this trait, today computers have become an integral part of majority of the businesses and companies around the world. This can be judged from the fact that one can find computers in every other business today whether it’s a bank, restaurants, laundry shop, transportation company, hospital, airport or any other site. .

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As a result, now it has become extremely important for every person regardless of their age that they should possess some knowledge of computer. Particularly the ones who are seeking jobs, as majority of the businesses uses computerized technology to do their work. In fact, latest survey has revealed that computer literacy has emerged as the second most desirable skill after communication on the list of the employers. The reason behind this preference are as follow:
Lucrative Skill
The ability to use usual programs of computer like Microsoft Office or even specialized programs such as Intuit Quick Books that deals with accounts means that you have an advance skill. Thus, employers will be pleased to pay you decent money for providing them such services, as you are the one who knows something which no other person in the company or business knows. This skill can become even more rewarding for a person, if he or she want to gain more advance knowledge of computers such as software development. People, who are interested in gaining this specific knowledge can register themselves in any reputed IT institution that is offering software development courses.
ninthd (9th D) is one such prominent and well reputed platform in the country. Provided that ninthd is offering international IT certifications to the youth of Pakistan in both English and Urdu languages. The best bit about these fast track IT training programs is that ninthd has developed them in association with one of the best international institutions of IT in the world, iCarnegie Global Learning that is a subsidiary of Carnegie Mellon University.
Promotion and Headship
Besides getting better salary and job, unique knowledge of computer also enables a person to receive quick promotion to a high level position, if he or she is working at a low level. Thanks to the advanced computer skills that provides a person more opportunities to grow. That’s not all, an advance level knowledge of computer can easily put you in a leading role. For instance, you can use that knowledge to teach others or assist companies or their employees to use that particular computer technology more efficiently.
Better Performance
Another reason behind preferring computer literate candidate for a post is that such a person can finish the work in a more organised, timely and efficient manner. For instance, there are several programs in computers like Microsoft Power Point, spread sheet and others that allows you to organize your work, if you know how to use their features such as imaging or texting more effectively. These specific programs of computers remain pretty helpful in database, food service or even construction related jobs, as they can conduct trends and research on companies and industries. You can also use these programs to run even a cash register of a store.
Access to Internet
Computer literacy is also important because today they are not only used to conduct business related work, but are also used to access internet that has made this world a global village. In fact, today there are many companies in the world that are using their websites over internet to do online business. This new way of doing business has enabled companies to boost their sales because through websites they have reached people, which live beyond borders.
More importantly, computers have made it possible for us that we can communicate with anyone in the world, who has an access to internet. This communication usually takes place through email, video chat or messaging. As a result, now there is no need to book a flight to meet with someone in other city or country, as mostly all companies and businesses are using computer to conclude business deal with a party or interview candidates in order city or country.