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Google Offering 33 Albums At Only $2.99 Via Google Play Store, Grab Them Now Before The Sale Ends!

While Google and Apple are two closely-contested companies when it comes to mobile innovation, the Tim Cook’s fruit company is inarguably in charge when it comes to digital music sales.

The iPod and iTunes combination created a legacy which is now at the heart of all Apple’s current products, and while Google has made some impressive ground on Apple with regards to mobile software, its online music sales still could not hold a candle to that of the Cupertino outfit’s.

In the United States, today is Tax Day, a term which loosely describes the day in which citizens’ individual income tax returns are due to the Government, or “Uncle Sam”. This means, for the large part, people don’t have much money, and Google’s doing its bit to help out those hit hard by the income tax while also boosting the profile of its music service.

Tax Day Sale

Like on Black Friday Weekend, when businesses hold short-term sales to boost company prospects, it’s a great way to obtain cheap goods, especially those rarely subject to discount.

For one day only, a select few albums can be had for as little as $2.99, and among them are some high-selling, chart hits from the likes of Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt to Weezer’s Weezer (Blue Album). Considering the usual pricing range is between 69 cents to $1.29 for a DRM-free audio track, this is one of the best offers you’re likely to come across.

Google Play Tax Day Sale

Of course, as you’d expect, it’s only available to consumers residing in the United States, so, unfortunately, if you live anywhere else, you won’t be able to enjoy this great promotional offer.

Although the Play Store – recently renamed by Google from the previous Android Market in order to better reflect its plethora of content – is associated primarily with Android, you do notneed to own one in order to download the music. Since, as mentioned, it’s DRM free, it can be downloaded and played on any device – from Androids to iPhones, iPads to Windows Phone devices.


Those meeting the residential requirements can head over to the Google Play Store right now via this link. If you’re a regular downloader of digital music, this is one offer, we suspect, you probably don’t want to miss.

First Aid App For Android Is The Perfect Life Saver In Those Life Threatening Situations

A new app, available on the Google Play Store, aims to help take some of the fear away from offering first aid when needed. What’s better than helping people using the power of your smartphone? Helping them with an app that’s absolutely free!

We all hope we never need it, but few of us actually have the proper training to deal with a first aid situation. If you’re lucky, then you know exactly what to do in any given situation. If you’re like 90% of the population, then the chances are that you’ve absolutely no idea.

If you have an Android phone to hand though, you may now be of more use than you would think.

First Aid

First Aid splasher

A free app, the unimaginatively named First Aid app aims to give us n00bs a few pointers in the health department, should the need arise. By using text, illustrations and the odd video, First Aid aims to demystify the things that we all know we should probably know inside and out, but probably never bothered to learn.

Our favorite part of First Aid, and one that will possibly be the most useful should you have no first aid training, is where the app tells you about popular first aid myths. Often thinking you know how to help and then doing something wrong is worse than just not knowing at all, and dispelling myths could really come in useful.


Other options include an area where you can give the app some emergency phone numbers which can be dialled right from inside the app, and a tips area where the app shows how to perform basic steps when needed.

It is important to remember that First Aid is never going to be a replacement for a proper first aid course with the professionals, but if you really have no idea and need a hand in a pinch, then First Aid for Android may be worth the time to download. At free, it is certainly worth the money, even if you never use it.

And let’s hope you never do!

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Download First Aid for Android [Google Play link]

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