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2012 iPad 3 / iPad HD Pictures Will Make You Drool [Mockup]

We love nothing more than the scuttlebutt and mockups that come our way before an actual product is launched. An amazing iPad 3 / iPad HD mockup has been making the rounds on the internet and we must say, these iPad 3 pictures are something worthy of drooling over.

2012 iPad 3 Pictures

Apple launched the iPad 2 earlier this year, on March 2nd 2011 at a special event held inside the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. This is Apple’s second iteration to its magical tablet and the iPad 2 further ups the notch for high-end consumer tablets. With its dual-core processor, radically thinner and lighter design and dual cameras, the iPad 2 is definitely the most sought after tablet in the market.

The fun doesn’t end here. iPad 2 comes loaded with Apple’s signature mobile platform, the iOS which according to a recent survey is the world’s most preferred mobile operating system. Currently, there are over 100,000 iPad-specific apps available in the iTunes App Store making iPad the only tablet to have such a massive number of apps available.

2012 iPad HD Pictures

This mockup has been created by Guilherme Schasiepen, whose previous iPhone 5 mockups have already put us in awe, needless to say the iPad 3 / iPad HD mockup is an equal shocker.

For Guilherme, the new iPad will be even thinner than the current (about 7.4 mm), has a curved rear glass, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and video recording in Full HD 1080p, new antennas, high- stereo and speakers, as could not miss, Retina display and front camera FaceTime HD.

It is indeed possible that Apple may include Retina Display in the next generation iPad. A recent report claims that the company has already started testing Retina Display modules for iPad 3, that are developed by LG and Samsung. An iPad with a Retina Display is most definitely going to be the king of all consumer tablets.

There’s no official word on the status of iPad 3 release at the moment. Apple seems to be caught up with releasing the next generation iPhone first, before it can move on to more ambitious plans of another radically redesigned iPad. Given the fact that it has merely been five months since the iPad 2 was launched, with Apple having met supply – demand gap just two days ago it seems highly unlikely that another iPad will be released as early as this year. Our guess is that Apple would release iPad 3 in 2012.

Click here to view this amazing mockup of iPad 3 / iPad HD in full 360 degrees.

We’d love to hear what you think about this mockup! Do drop a line in the comments below.


Siri Port For iPhone 4 Not Possible Without Piracy

If you saw the next generation iPhone release event, you will be aware of Siri. Its an amazing feature that has everyone longing for an iPhone4S. By default, Siri is only compatible with iPhone 4S however there is a possibility of a Siri port for iPhone 4 and other devices, but it can’t be achieved without doing piracy,

Last week, well known hacker and jailbreaker iH8sn0w began working out a way for porting Siri to devices other than the iPhone 4S. While at that time it was established that porting Siri isn’t totally impossible, turns out that the devs will have to resort to piracy, so says MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev Team. The jailbreak developers have always been against piracy and they obviously won’t indulge in that for a Siri port.


Don’t think that its not possible to port Siri to iPhone 4 and other iOS devices. It can be done, but that would mean having to resort to piracy. The devs never resort to piracy because it puts them at risk of being sued by Apple. Making jailbreaks or releasing exploits is not illegal, but piracy is. So unless they come up with another way, a Siri port release seems far, far away.

However, iH8sn0w hints that a tool could be developed that can transfer Siri from iPhone 4S to iPad as well as iPhone 4 and other iOS devices. At this point in time, nothing can be said for sure. With iPhone 4S launch less than two days away, details about Siri port for iPhone 4 will get a lot more clearer once the devs get their hands-on iPhone 4S.

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