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ange ourselves according to situation only then we can compete in this world. The major reason of this rapid change is technology. Latest and innovative technologies have affected the perception of people toward time. They feel awkward to find time for things such as talk on phone or to have interaction with others over computer. In this crunch situation, portability is only option to eliminate this problem. To smoothly run the flow of communication,

entrepreneurs developed Wireless headsets, which have greatly increased mobility as well as your productivity. So now you would not be bound to the use PC, telephone or any other devices.
Selecting wireless headset is a bit difficult decisions. Because there are many headsets available in the market and it will create curiosity about choosing the best one. Before selecting you would probably ask yourself, what wireless headset should I purchase?
Advantages of wireless headsets
Wireless headset technology will increase your portability. It will reduce your worry of accidently unplugging of telephone wire and will provide you freedom of mobility that you could never have with wire-enabled devices. Furthermore, you can walk around within a certain range. Earlier, wireless headset technology was used for listening music from mobile and computer. But as time passes on, in addition to listen music, companies introduced the feature by which you can receive call by simple pressing a button.
Analyze your need
In order to select the right headset, stop and analyze your need. Note that how large area you would likely to cover with it. It is very important to know the range; because, the every wireless headset has different range, most commonly it is 30 feet. The range can be vary up-to 300 feet but prices will also be fluctuate with respect to it. Also note that what other activity you may be doing while speaking and how many devices you would likely to end up using the headset. After taking all these notes.
Choosing the Right Headset for You
There are many options available in market when it comes to wireless headsets, so it’s compulsory that you choose a headset that will meet your needs. Three pioneers in wireless headsets are Plantronics, Accutone and Jabra.
If you want to connect with number of headset devices than you should probably go for Bluetooth wireless because it will provide you ease to hang on with other devices. In case of relatively small area, then choose a headset that features a larger earpiece with support arm that hold your head and will not put weight on a single ear. On the other hand, if you want to use it for mobile device then go for earbud headset because of its small size and easier to store.
So regardless of the headset that you choose, take your time to an

Plantronics CS351N wireless handset over view

Plantronics CS351N wireless handset provides comfortable solutions to the people who are always busy in taking and doing calls from desk phone. It provides wireless connectivity with desk phone if you a bit away from your workstation. The technology used to reduce the noise emission to the other end during a conversation is DECT 6.0 technology, the Plantronics CS351N SupraPlus Wireless Professional Headset System is very advance which is designed in the style of over the head whereas, it can be used with Binaural or monaural design according to the need such as if communication is need with the coworker in real life you can use Monaural design or to focus completely on the call you can use Binaural design of the headset.

Main features are,

1.Microphone with distortion and noise cancelling ability.

2.With Plantronics HL10 headset lifter.

3.Can leave to workstation up to more than 300 feet of the space to do anything without missing any call.

4.Comfortable design over the head.

5.Traditional cordless quality with wireless ability.

6.Best voice quality with DECT 6.0 technology.

7.Strong encrypted security to ensure the call privacy.

8.Hands free talk time up to 10 hours.

9.Total charging time is 3 hours and 80% charging time is 1.5 hours.

10.Live interactions with coworkers without removing the headset (Monaural design)

11.Plantronics SupraPlus long time wearing design.

12.Single SupraPlus wireless base for multiple headsets so that people working in different shifts can manage their own headsets.

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