Quad-Core A6 iPhone 6, iPad 3, iPod touch 6G Processor Will Not Be Supplied By Samsung

We have received many reports about the iPad 3 but hardly anyone can be deemed legitimate. However, we know one thing for sure, Apple does not like Samsung! Samsung used to provide critical electrical components to Apple for use in their products but recently, Apple seems to be turning away from Samsung due to the fact that both of the companies have been battling it out in court. So much so that Samsung will no longer be producing the next generation A6 processor for Apple.

Only yesterday when we revealed iPad 3 parts supplier list,  we reported that Apple turned down Samsung as the supplier of display panels for the next generation iPad as LG and Sharp will be providing the panels. Now a new report indicates Apple to have turned down Samsung as a supplier for the A6 quad-core processor which will be used in the iPad 3 for the very first time.

According to Digitimes, Apple has payed a visit to the assembly plant of Siliconware Precision Industries a.k.a SPIL. SPIL are providers of high-precision semiconductor packaging and testing services. Apple seems to be impressed by SPIL and both parties are willing to work on Apple’s next generation processor. However, SPIL is denying this story.

Apple recently conducted a visit to SPIL’s assembly line, and both parties discussed opportunities for cooperation, the sources revealed. SPIL stands a chance of becoming the first packaging and testing service provider designated by Apple, cutting into the supply chain of the vendor’s processor line.

Previously it was also reported that Apple had started testing A6 processor with TSMC. The deal Apple made with TSMC also includes the A5 chip, meaning that Samsung is no longer the exclusive chip supplier for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is likely that Samsung is losing this huge amount of business due to the fact that both the Cupertino based company and the Korean manufacturer are involved in major lawsuits. Apple even got the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab banned in the EU further fuelling the ever growing rivalry between these two companies. Samsung pleaded that Apple has doctored evidence against them in these companies and we’ve yet to see what the court rules on that.

Nevermind all the legal spat, what we know for sure is that Samsung will no longer be the exclusive chip supplier for Apple, as the Cupertinos are now considering SPIL to partner with them on the A6 processor for next generation iOS devices.

Samsung And Apple fighting

Apple is currently suing Samsung, alleging the South Korean conglomerate is copyingtheir designs. Earlier, we saw the App Store icons grace the backdrop of a Samsung Store, and now it appears the Samsung Galaxy S II charger is a blatant rip off of the iPhone.


9to5Mac posts some pictures of the USB AC adapter from the Galaxy S II, and in my mind, it looks really familiar. Check out the pictures below, and if you don’t think this is a blatant knockoff, you’re crazy.







Apple clearly is not happy with Samsung, as they have reportedly moved away from the South Korean company as a supplier for components. Previously, we have heard Applepartnering with TSMC to make the next-generation A6, various Japanese suppliers for flash memory, and Sharp for future iPhone LCD displays.

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