Are you feeling left out and kicking yourself for missing the Thank goodness the online colleges and university extensions have come to the rescue. This week, I and many of my friends have been inundated with call after call from online colleges. After blocking every number I could, I decided to go down my list of callers and research a few of them.


It’s actually quite interesting and rather amusing.


Check out the hype you will be fortunate enough to listen to should you follow my footsteps:

“Optimize & Monetize Your Marketing With an Advanced Social Media Certificate 100% Online!” Once you get your certificate, you can give yourself a title – here, pick one you like:


* Social Media Marketing Manager

* Social Media Manager

* Social Media Director

* Social Media Analyst

* Social Media Developer

I know, many of you are thinking – WOW, where do I sign up? Well, this particular “career-building certificate can be acquired from the University of San Francisco, ranked a best university by U.S. News & World Report.”

Wait, it gets better – you can do ALL this and become an expert in 8 weeks or less!! You gotta admit, that’s impressive to say the least.

I’m sorry folks, I am still laughing at the ads. Most of the pictures (over 90%) on the websites are young adults – mid 20’s or younger. While I realize they may be VERY intelligent and talented, the interviews that continue to play out in my mind go something like this:

Employer: So, you want to be our Social Media Developer?

Prospect: Yes, sir. I can twitter and tweet with the best of them.

Employer: I see. Well your resume says you attended USF. Good School. Is that a 2 or 4 year degree you obtained.

Prospect: Neither sir, I was one of the top in my class and received my certificate in ONLY 7 weeks.

Employer: Ok then, what about previous work experience.

Prospect: Well, before that, I worked bussing tables at Denny’s for ten months, but I have been texting since I was ten and have online friends all over the world.

OK – ok, so maybe I am a little over the top with this analogy, but so is becoming an expert in anything in only 8 weeks or less. While some of the classes I browsed were not only interesting but also potentially pertinent (classes on legalities) how many of you (business owners) would put your faith and trust in a person with little to no work history and an 8 week certificate from an online college?

Get back to me on this one. Thanks.

Source: University of San Francisco